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January 6
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The Elements of Harmony by SonicPegasus The Elements of Harmony by SonicPegasus
I'm tired :P Finaly finished, thank God!
Hope ya like it :D
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Phenometron Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2014
I love the detailing of their coats. :3
gogeta17 Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
are gone. i shell smite you if you do this again hasbro!!! smite you at ff1 style duel!!! you hear me, hasbro!! they can just give someone else guardian of the tree of life!!! someone like nostalgia critic!!!
XGluon Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2014

Calm down, and hear me out.

In my honest opinion, the writers are heavily implying that, in Seasons 1 through 3, the "Element of Harmony" gems were merely just catalysts to help the Mane Six manifest the power that lies within themselves.
Haven't you forgotten that, way back in Season 1 Episode 2, Twilight said that she and her friends EMBODY the Elements of Harmony?
(Furthermore, aren't you aware of the fact that the term "Elements of Harmony" is sometimes used to refer to the Mane Six themselves, rather than the "necklaces and crown"/gems?)

If you don't believe me, consider this fact from Equestria Girls(which IS canonical, according to the writers; and Flash Sentry's appearance in S4E11 reinforces the validity of their statement): The ONLY Element of Harmony that was in the human world was the Element of Magic, and Twilight didn't even HAVE it...but she and the AU(Alternate Universe) counterparts of the rest of her friends still had the power.

And plus, it's becoming abundantly clear that the box produced by the Tree of Harmony contains a new "Harmony Power" for the Mane Six to use instead of the Elements of Harmony.
You know that "Rainbow Power" toyline that Hasbro is all hyped up over? Judging by the excessive use of rainbows in Season 4 thus far, I bet that whatever's inside the box has EVERYTHING to do with the Mane Six getting "rainbowfied".

But I doubt that we'll miss the Elements of Harmony after the Mane Six get "rainbowfied".  And this is because I (and a few other people) think that Rainbow Power will be even better than the Elements of Harmony.  After all, it's OK to give something up if you're going to get something just like it but better, right?

You know how, in the episodes where one of the Mane Six receives her key, after she realizes her true importance to her friends, her eyes briefly shine in the colors of the rainbow?
I believe THAT is supposed to represent the "true" Element of Harmony within her reawakening.
Moreover, the key items possess a rainbow shine as well.
Furthermore, it should be noted that the rainbow which keeps turning up in Season 4 isn't a typical "Roy G. Biv" rainbow; rather, its colors are(from left to right): Purple, blue, white, yellow, orange, and pink.
Do those colors you?  They should...because they're the body colors of the Mane Six.

And finally, when the Mane Six used the "Elements" in Seasons 1 through 3, they created a giant rainbow that defeated their enemy.

So here's what I think:
When one of the Mane Six reawakens their "true" Element and demonstrate it, they will receive a key.
And when they receive all six keys and unlock the box with them, they will have proven themselves worthy of being "rainbowfied".
(In short: The box will not open until each of the Mane Six have reawakened their inner Element.)

"But what will the 'rainbowfication' do to the Mane Six, besides that cosmetic change", you ask?
Well, I mentioned above that it's highly possible that the Rainbow Power will be even better than the Elements of Harmony.
And this is because the Mane Six's "rainbowfication" will allow them to gain full control of the power that lies within them, and thus be able to use it without the gems.
(Also, consider this possibility: The gems may not have been using the Mane Six's power at its full potential.)

So ask yourself this question: If you were a member of the Mane Six, which one of these would you rely on to help you defeat a major threat: An item that you would need to have with you in order to use the power that lies within you...or the ability to tap into the power within you anytime you want?
gogeta17 Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
i don't want pinkie to be rainbow dash colors!!! i wanna see her full pink. and due to your logic, does that mean the chaos emeralds aren't necessary in sonic the hedgehog? the triforce is unnecessary in legend of zelda? green lantern's ring is unnecessary? the dragon balls are needed to summon shenron, so they're kinda needed. so what was the point of the equestria girls movie? nothing. in fact, all we saw of the big fight was just morphing, and cut to the chase. (unlike sailor moon and power rangers.) does that mean that we had no need to collect the star cures in bowser's inside story? the crystals from final fantasy 1? forget about em! so why did celestia and luna need to use the elements? the pure hearts and crystal stars in paper mario? heck, screw killing all of mother brain's minions! action replay is god. oh, and so are time break and speed break!!! remember that kiddies! besides, everyone knows that celestia is secretly scripting the whole show out. she intended for that to happen. i snuck into the canterlot throne room, and found this:

celestia's list of things to do:

1: make twilight a princess.

2: have discord make his plunder seeds grow and i pretend to go missing.

3: twilight and friends lose elements.

4: make season 4 unbearably long.

5: when box is opened, evil that twilight can't beat is unleashed

6: twilight and friends become embodiments of harmony.

7: pretend to be suprised and proud, while laugh at my success on inside.

you see?! she's evil, and SHE UED US!!
XGluon Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2014
Well, I might be jumping to conclusions.  Let's just wait and see.
gogeta17 Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
gogeta17 Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
and may i remind you that twilight used the element of magic to create some sort of time space rift. besides, i still wanna kill cheese sandwich. ONLY I GET TO MESS WITH PINKIE!!! YOU HEAR?!?!?!
XGluon Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2014
Again, as I said in another of your comments, I might be jumping to conclusions.  Let's just wait and see.
gogeta17 Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
um, i already covered that in the fanfic thingie i'm making involving three elements i created myself, and the element of love.
cajobif Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2014
Wonderful work

Lots will probably use it as wallpaper
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